The Automobile Association is the largest motoring organization in the UK, with a wide portfolio of services both for motorists and home-owners. 



Recently the Association was the target of much criticism from consumer groups for the falling quality of its roadside service. In a Consumer Association survey, the AA had dropped to third place, significantly behind its two major rivals.

In an effort to restore customer confidence and raise performance, over 40 projects had been initiated, all aimed at improving roadside response and enhancing internal procedures. Few of the projects were co-ordinated, and many were aimed at overlapping objectives. After twelve months none of the projects had met their deadlines, and external image remained poor.

Following Academy’s recommendations, all existing projects were put on hold, and a new system of performance measurement – “Signals from Noise” was installed. Signals from Noise provides targeted performance information to team leaders, and pinpoints those performance areas most damaging to customers’ perceptions. In a phased rollout, the new information systems proved popular at all levels of operations, including the roadside patrols. As a result, patrols and team leaders were able to take constructive steps to improve performance and improve the customer experience.

In less than two years, Signals from Noise helped to transform service delivery to the customer, dramatically improved morale and team spirit amongst patrols and management, and identified a number of further systemic improvements that would continue the trends.

The following year the AA regained top place in the Which? survey