The management of the key external interfaces for your company – your customers and your suppliers – lies at the heart of every business

The business world has never changed so quickly, nor so dramatically as it does today, and constant improvement in the understanding and management of your supply chain is a top priority for world-class organisations.

Academy’s business was  founded upon our understanding of customer and channel management; over the years we have extended our remit, and moved across the desk into the shoes of the purchaser. Our ability to see both sides of the buyer/seller relationship brings a new insight into  the motivations and constraints of buyers and sellers, and helped our clients achieve major breakthroughs in supplier and customer management.

Keystone account

- a fresh approach to business planningmore

Keystone is an adaptable account planning process that puts you in control. It allows you to choose the objectives most suited to your current business climate, stimulates creative thinking, delivers a detailed plan for execution, and provides accountabilities and measures to ensure delivery.

Keystone will help you 

  • develop long term strategy
  • improve short term position
  • enhance margins
  • develop team performance
  • capitalise on new market opportunities
  • execute new business strategies 


Large Account
Management Process

- a means of creating loyal customers out of your major accountsmore


In most industries it costs ten times as much to sell to a new customer as it does to an existing one. It therefore makes sense to maximise the sales opportunities from existing accounts; better still, be seen by your major accounts as a strategic partner in their future market positioning.

Such a position does not come easily. It must be earned, by recognising the long-term win:win in the partnership, and putting time and energy into understanding and articulating the part you can play in shaping your customer's future.

The Miller Heiman Large Account Management Process (LAMP) provides a means of creating loyal customers out of your major accounts. LAMP leads your account managers through a series of steps that reveal hidden needs, identify long-term opportunities, and help you engage with your most important clients in a more productive manner.


Strategic Account

- developing a strong customer relationshipmore


In most major global industries, companies are dramatically reducing the number of suppliers with whom they wish to conduct business. Those that are left will need to demonstrate not just sound product capability, but a responsiveness to the customer’s demands and a long term strategy for global supply.

In such an environment the need for effective account management is paramount.

  • The objectives of "Strategic Account Management" are to provide: 
  • An understanding of the role of the modern account manager.
  • Understanding of procurement functions, processes and practises.
  • Skills required to develop effective relationships between the organisations.
  • Leadership and team building fundamentals.
  • Techniques for customer loyalty measurement and development.
  • A framework for creating a long term account strategy.


Supplier Relationship

– how to become “customer of choice”more


Companies are increasingly dependent upon their suppliers to minimise supply disruption, and capitalise upon innovation. Old-world adversarial negotiation has produced big cost savings, but in many cases has damaged supplier relationships, and in an incresuingly volatile world purchasers need to change their approach to their strategic suppliers.

Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) explains how to create a strategy for strategic suppliers, and how to develop a more collaborative relationship that increases value, reduces risk, and provides access to valuable supplier resources; in summary, how to become a customer-of-choice.


Channel Partner

- aligning your company and your key channel partnersmore


Channel Partner Management (CPM) helps to create alignment between your company and your key channel partners. CPM is designed to increase channel revenues and ROI whilst contributing significantly to the success and profitability of the partners' business.