Academy’s consultants are experienced practitioners of their craft: each has a long and distinguished track record of delivering results, both in their corporate lives and as advisors to others.

Identifying the problem is the easy bit; creating a workable solution is more difficult. But the hardest task of all is to make it happen – to reconcile the morass of vested interests that act like a huge elastic band hauling you back to where you started. 

This is where Academy is different from other consultancies: working one step at a time, we’ll be there with you to give practical help in implementing new strategies. We won’t gloss over the hard stuff: using our own practical and proven ideas, plus some more we’ll create for your own unique situation, we’ll prompt you to plan your delivery phase right down to the smallest details if necessary.

Our processes and inclusive facilitation style will cause you to examine closely the strategies you have planned, anticipate the consequences, and guide you to an understanding of the specific actions you need to take to achieve successful delivery.

It’s not rocket science: but it works.

Programme Leaders at UK Border Agency

Major Client team at Dow Polymers

Global account teams at Cadence Design