Academy can improve the performance of your people through a range of training events tailored to your specific needs.

Academy offers a wide selection of great training products and some of the most experienced, lively, and stimulating consultants in the industry.
We can breathe fresh life into your directors, your managers, and your frontline people. Academy’s training courses provide an engaging and participative environment, in which the essential competences of operational staff can be developed and sustained.
Whether responding to changes in the marketplace, bringing on new people or giving a workout to your most experienced staff, our training programmes will deliver outstanding results.

Our specialist areas of expertise lie in the following areas:

  • customer and supplier management
  • professional selling
  • programme and project management
  • leadership and teamworking


Polyurethanes salespeople at Dow

Risk managers at Willis

Purchasers at Cadbury

Senior civil servants
at the UK Home Office

Media sellers at Trader Media

HR consultants
at Mercer

Customer account teams in Dow Plastics

IT Project managers at Glaxo SmithKline