Once upon a time we lived in a world where learning could outpace change: where we could plan ahead for a full twelve months, and be confident of delivering results.


"Change is not made without inconvenience – even from worse to better"
Samuel Johnson 

"Thanks to Will for leading us from darkness into light
Geoff Brown, Sales Director, Dow Chemical

"I came looking for answers; silly me! What I discovered was the way to find answers"
Workshop participant

But the days of old style leadership based on personal traits, charisma, and organisational position are gone for ever. Instead, we now operate in an environment where the complexity and pace of change outstrip the pace at which the organisation can learn, old-world practices are increasingly unable to cope. New market entrants, alliances and joint ventures, vertical integration, globalisation of customers, new product applications and new market sectors, have  stretched the capabilities of every organisation.

The successful introduction of change is a critical management task, often made more difficult by a lack of clarity as to where the organisation should move to. It is often much easier to define what you don’t want than what you do. It is also a continuous task: the notion that one day change will stop no longer has any credence.

Academy’s partners have many decades of experience in helping organisations manage change, and can help you move forward step by step in making the changes necessary to optimise your business. We will help you clarify purpose, anticipate reactions, minimise casualties, and focus upon critical risks. 

We cannot offer you easy answers; what we can do is to lead you to find the answers for yourself.

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