The most serious challenges facing today’s managers are not technical or logistical but human ones -  the natural and emotional human response to change. 

The temptation is to hope they will go away, to sweep them under the carpet and rely on the technical capabilities of your solution to eventually carry the day.

This is where the Project Leadership Academy makes the difference. Comprising a portfolio of training events and hands-on practical workshops, the Project Leadership Academy provides understanding of change management, leadership and teambuilding issues, stakeholder engagement, risk analysis, goalsetting, benefits realisation, and measurement. 

As a result of adopting Project Leadership principles, managers can achieve higher levels of productivity, deliver greater levels of client satisfaction, produce outcomes more closely integrated with business needs, and develop lasting client/partner relationships to the mutual benefit of all parties.

Principles of Change

– making sense of change managementmore

The world about us continues to change at an intense rate. Not a day goes by, it seems, without another important discovery or invention being announced, another merger of global companies taking place, or another reform programme set in motion. 

In four one-day modules, this course is about making sense of change management. It explains why change happens, how change happens, and what needs to be done to make change a more welcoming concept

At the end of the course, participants will have:

  • understood the factors which influence peoples’ response to change
  • recognised the value of teams in bringing about change
  • examined organisational styles
  • understood the differing priorities of a change leader in different organisations
  • recognised the effects of leadership styles in the change process
  • After each module of the course, candidates may elect to be examined in order to qualify for the APM Group Certificate

The Project’s Survival

– the essential leadership training course for project managers and team leadersmore

The Project Leader’s Survival Guide is the essential leadership training course for managers, project managers, and project workers. The 3-day workshop is designed for up to six teams of three people, and combines lecture sessions, discussion groups, practical exercises and a PC-based simulation.

The computer simulation provides a challenging and stimulating vehicle for understanding the non-technical aspects of a complex project. Participants are faced with delivering a quality result within demanding time constraints, resources and budgets. Their ability to balance the often conflicting demands of client, management, project team and other departments is continuously tested, and the impact of their decisions measured and fed back against a number of important parameters.

Alongside the simulation, lecture sessions and practical exercises emphasise the importance of building the team, stakeholder management, risk analysis and measurement, power and influence, and provide step-by-step processes to help make judgements and decisions in a live project.

SRO Leadership Concepts

– achieving successful delivery  in the public sectormore

The SRO Development Programme has been designed specifically for senior civil servants to provide a framework for assisting SROs and those working directly for them achieve successful delivery of key programmes, projects and change initiatives. 

The programme emphasises the critical minimum required of an SRO to be confident of managing a programme through to effective implementation. This course is very different from other courses most public sector managers are accustomed to: it is led by a team of external specialists - all practitioners in their fields, and will require the maximum of participation in applying a range of best-practice concepts and ideas to real working programmes.

The principle outcomes of the course are for participants to:

  • have a clear understanding of the role of the SRO and the programme leader, and of the critical minimum effort required to ensure a programme achieves its objectives
  • understand the accountabilities of the SRO, and their responsibilities for decision-taking and personal commitment
  • recognise when you should personally intervene in the programme, and when you shouldn’t
  • have greater clarity of the vision and context of programmes, their impact, and the key risks
  • improve engagement with key stakeholders, particularly at senior levels, and with external departments and agencies
  • understand how to set up good governance processes, and be better informed with more timely and relevant information

Intensive Project

– a critical project auditmore

The early days of a project are filled with priorities: the urge to get started on a new initiative with exciting objectives is always full of excitement and anticipation for everyone concerned. Too often, though, some important early stages are overlooked. “Intensive Project Start-UP” provides a great opportunity to ensure all critical aspects of the project are in place right at the start

Outcomes of the workshop include:

  • a well-formed, well-integrated team
  • clear team roles and accountabilities
  • clarity of business needs, objectives and priorities
  • recognition of key risks and uncertainties
  • understanding of team member aspirations and drivers
  • establishment of core team values

Business Partnering

– critical supplier/customer relationshipsmore

As traditional hierarchies flatten and virtual teamworking becomes the norm, the ability of every professional to influence events – both within and outside their organisations – is a critical skill. Whether this is to achieve internal change, or to build external relationships, building more effective business partnerships is a critical skill for people at all levels.

The purpose of the course is enable all participants to:

  • recognise the importance of working in harmony with business stakeholders to deliver superior business results
  • understand the specialist’s contribution to leading a business project
  • be better able to appreciate the causes of concerns of stakeholders
  • improve leadership and people skills, and use these to create co-operation
  • be equipped with a range of tools to improve personal performance in influencing, leadership, and building consensus

Managing Business

– delivery of business benefits from a change initiativemore

The business change manager is accountable for the ultimate delivery of business benefits from a change initiative. This is probably the toughest role to get right in delivering real value to the business: it requires outstanding capabilities in understanding how new processes and business practices will deliver value, and considerable courage to face the inevitable human resistance to change. The business change manager needs skills in consultation and persuasion, needs a clear vision of the end result, needs to command authority and respect, and needs to be resolute in achieving the project objectives. Like we said – a tough challenge.

Prince2 Overview and
Practitioner Courses

– ensure project management best practice is instilled in your organisationmore

PRINCE2 is a proven best-practice methodology that can bring big rewards to your project and programme office.

The PRINCE2 Overview course is a one-day introduction to PRINCE2 for all members of staff. The overview provides a broad understanding of the role and purpose of PRINCE2, its terminology and structure, and an introduction to the toolkit.

PRINCE2 Practitioner leads to a formal examination, and enables delegates to apply PRINCE2 to the running and managing of a project within an environment supporting  PRINCE2.  The Foundation qualification is designed to provide delegates with an in-depth understanding of the principles and terminology of PRINCE2 to act as an informed member of a project management team on a project using the PRINCE2 method, within an environment supporting PRINCE2.  

A range of learning styles including classroom, self-study, and e-learning provides total flexibility in crafting PRINCE2 training to your needs.