With one of the worst set of crime statistics in the country, Tayside Police had set up a number of projects to take proactive measures to reduce criminal activity. 

“This workshop has proved immensely helpful in focusing our resources on practical solutions: you have succeeded in revitalizing our whole team, and given us a clear forward direction"
Inspector, Beacon Teams

“This workshop has given us great help in moving forward many of our community projects”
William A Spence, Chief Constable



Known as Beacon Teams, the projects were well resourced with dedicated personnel, but had not been delivering expected results, and approached Academy for help.

An Academy Strategic Planning workshop brought together all the project teams, and helped to establish clearer strategies and a fund of ideas to enhance performance. Using a tailored agenda, the teams examined their objectives, identified stakeholders, analysed risks, identified new resource opportunities, and put in place robust action plans which recognized other priorities and external demands.

As a result, relationships with other related public agencies were set up, funds acquired from other government budgets, and every targeted area of activity either met or exceeded its goals.

The process is about to be applied by the same Division in a major project to combat the incidence of drug abuse.